Handling of Cargoes

Eysk-Port-Vista stevedoring company handles export-import cargoes in the water area of Yeisk seaport in the Western Pier area at the base of Yeisk Foreland. It provides handling of general cargo, dry bulk cargoes, as well as liquid bulks – petroleum and food bulk cargoes. The main specialization is handling of grains and other agricultural crops, their derivatives including vegetable oil.

The company owns all the equipment necessary for works execution: mobile cranes, manipulators Sennebogen, Fuchs, belt conveyor Bars-80, bucket loaders and forklifts, other equipment.

Handling capacity for dry bulks:

  • Grain bulks - 2500 MT/day
  • Logs - 1000 m3/day
  • Sawn timber bundled - 800 m3/day
  • Fertilizers in Big Bags - 1800 m3/day
  • Scrap metal - 800 MT/day
  • Flat glass in bundles - 500 MT/day
  • Palletized goods - 500 MT/day

Handling capacity for liquid bulks:

  • Petroleum products light* - up to 800 m3/h
  • Petroleum products dark** - up to 180 m3/h
  • Mineral oils – up to 210 m3/h
  • Vegetable oils – up to 270 m3/h
  • Beet molasses – is transferred with the clients’ equipment

   *Diesel fuel, СМТ, Kerosene oil, petrol
 **Fuel oil

Handling of petroleum products is provided all the year round, by means of direct transfer. Oil handling complex includes all necessary equipment for transfer of petroleum products, including a two-way discharging platform for railcars, oil-heating station, a system of pipelines and a pump station. Vegetable oil can be transferred either directly or from storage tanks.