New Yeisk-Port-Vista Site Put in Operation

Yeisk-Port-Vista stevedoring company put in operation its new Internet site. The new bilingual (Russian-English) site gives a much more clear idear of the company's business scale is and of the services spectrum offered.  A distinctive feature of the new site is also the usage of original company photos which were taken at the premises in Yeisk. 

The design of Yeisk-Port-Vista site is developed in line with the corporate site of Krasnodarzernoprodukt Group which the stevedore joined in 2009.  To express identity with the Group web-designers used corporate KZP pattern which imitates a multi-colourd "patchwork" fields as they appear from the bird's view. But while KZP utilises yellow and green as its main corporate colours for Yeisk-Port-Vista site yellow and blue shades were chosen to emphasize marine-related sphere of the company business.