Water Area

Yeisk-Port-Vista stevedoring company operates in water area of Yeisk Sea Port located in the South-East part of Taganrog Bay in the Sea of Azov, near the foot of Yeisk Foreland. Yeisk Commercial Seaport connects internal waterways of Russia with Black and Mediterranean seas through the Sea of Azov. Cargoes from the port of Yeisk are shipped to ports of Turkey, Italy, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Egypt and other countries of the Mediterranean coast as well as to countries of the Caspian coast through Volga-Don system of internal waterways. The port accepts Russian and foreign flagged vessels.

Geographic Coordinates
— 46° 43.32’ N
— 38° 16.45’ E

The port water area is limited by out-port breakwaters, out-port and internal harborage berths walls and a line between breakwaters extremities. The way to the out-port lays through Yeisk channel which is 80 m wide and has minimum depth of 4.77 m and an axial depth - 4.7 m. The Yeisk channel stretches for 1,2 miles.  Its boundaries are marked with lateral luminous buoys, the initial point of the channel is marked with an axial luminous buoy. The channel axis is indicated with a range of luminous signs directed at 133,8°-313,8°. Fluctuations in the water level up to 1.5 m can occur, depending on the speed and duration of winds in the south-west or north-east directions.

Navigation is carried out all the year round. The ice season is November (December) - February (March). Ice thickness varies from 40-45 cm in mild winters to 60-80 cm in severe ones. When surfaced winds occur, the ice cover usually gets compressed and destructed, ice floes pile up and form hummocks. When the Azov Sea and the Taganrog Bay freeze, the access to and from the port is provided by ice breaker. There is no internal raid in the port, but during ice navigation out-port is used as a shelter.

Pilotage is compulsory in the port harborage.